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Plenty Valley Netball Association IncAIA No A0005092X

A sporting club establish in 1982, that field netball teams. Local juniors competitions from netters (beginners), Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 teams. Senior teams are also fielded.

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1270,
Lalor VIC 3075.
General details about ParticipationWe are a Saturday morning junior netball competition, the fields sections from 8-10s through to 18&Under. Our teams and clubs train throughout the week, normally for 1hour (or 1.5hours) between 4 and 7pm.

various costs include:
  • team registration for a season is $60
  • weekly game fees for a team is $52
  • netball Victoria insurance for a player (calendar year) is $53 juniors
  • weekly team training session for half a court is $27

  • UmpiresALL teams be aware, some games will be umpired by approved Trainee Umpires. These umpires will be supervised.
    Newsletter ArchiveLatest newsletter: Issue 55

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    Any contribution to newsletter should be forwarded onto a committee members. Player and Team Milestones are welcome.
    Competition VenueBundoora Netball & Sports Centre, McKimmies Rd, Bundoora 3083
    Melway Ref 9K7 - Click Here for map

    Details about Venue
    AgeAge is calculated as at 31st December (of current year),
    2007 Sections 17/U, 15/U, 13/U, 11/U & Netta
    2008 Sections 16/U, 14/U, 12/U & Net-Set-Go!
    2012 Sections 17&U, 15&U, 13&U, 11&U, 9&U & Net-Set-Go!
    2013 Sections 17&U, 15&U, 13&U, 11&U, 9&U & Net-Set-Go!
    2015 Sections 18&U, 15&U, 13&U, 11&U, 8-10s & Net-Set-Go!
    2016 Sections 18&U, 15&U, 13&U, 11&U, 8-10s & Net-Set-Go!
    2017 Sections 19&U, 17&U, 15&U, 13&U, 11&U, 8-10s & NetSetGo!
    PVNA Constitution & ByLawsClick Here to see Consitution (pdf)

    Click Here to see By Laws (pdf)
    "Player who swear will be sent off the court for two (2) minutes." This is a junior competition and this language will not be tolerated.
    MERCY RULEAt the Committee meeting on the 14th February, 2015 it was agreed that Plenty Valley Netball Association would apply the Mercy Rule in the 8-10 & Under Competition 10 goals and 11 and Under 10 goals.

    It is noted that both these age groups are NO FINALS. This may keep the teams that perform better to keep “playing/trying” and the learning (less skilled) teams a chance to score a few goals.

    Once the 10 goal handicap is reached the team who has not scored will get the centre pass and continue to have the centre pass until the end of that quarter till the margin has been reduced.

    And if at the end of the quarter it is still a gap of 10 goals the team with the least score by 10 goals will continue to have the centre pass until the end of that quarter. This shall continue from quarter to quarter until the gap in score is less than 10 goals.

    This will be monitored by both scorers and umpires during the game.
    Codes of ConductCodes of conduct have been based on the Netball Victoria recommended wording.

    Junior Player

    Parent/Guardian - During the match, parents/spectators MUST not criticise umpires or their decisions, use offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures, encourage foul play. The umpire may caution/official warning, or if the behaviour continues order the person's removed from the playing enclosure.
    InsurancePlenty Valley is affiliated with Netball Victoria, so its compulsory that every player takes out VNA Insurance and Registration. This must be paid at the first match the team plays. Insurance Fees:
    Senior$71 (GST Included)18 years and over
    Junior$51 (GST Included)17 & under as at 31st December
    NetSetGo!$56 (GST Included)11 & under as at 31 December
    Disabled$51 (GST Included)
    Off the Court$39 (GST Included)

    You can register online by clicking here.

    All insurances should be paid at first game, if any player is found to be playing without VNA insurance (from round 3) there will be a forfeit of 4 points and 10 goals to the opposing side.

    More information on VNA Insurance: http://www.willisnetball.com/
    Court FeesCourt Fees per team must be paid before each match to the court supervisor.
    Requirements prior to play
    • All teams to pay court fees before taking the court, $45 per team. This is the captain and coaches responsibility.
    • All teams to have own ball and bibs.
    • All teams to have nails cut short and jewellery removed.
    • Captains to make sure that the toss has taken place and a decision has been made of which team has which end.
    • No team is permitted to take the court with less than 5 players.
    • All players to be listed on the score sheet whether they are interchange or not. Any late player must be add to the score sheet.
    • No show players to be deleted from score sheet.
    • Each team to have a competent scorer seated together along the sidelines. Games will not commence until the scorers are seated together. If this is not done no team is able to dispute the score.
    Starting Time
    • Matches will commence at the time stated on the fixture.
    • All matches will be timed from one control bell.
    • All matches will be 4 x 10 minute quarters, with a straight change over at 1/4 and 3/4, and a 3 minute break at 1/2 time.
    • If teams are late on the court, after 1 minute of commencement time a goal will be scored for every further minute until a 10 minute has occurred and then the game will be declared a walkover.
    • Late players can come on the court only after a goal has been scored by either team and after notifying the umpire.
    WalkoversWalkovers are not permitted and incur a fine of both team fees. The opposing team gains 4 points and 10 goals. Teams unable to attend a game please notify the committee in writing at least 2 weeks in advance. A forfeit of 4 points and 10 goals will be applied as well as paying the other teams court fees.
    Subsititutions11/U Only In any one game each team may make an unlimited number of substitutions. No more that 10 players from each team can take part in the game. A player who has previously been substituted may return to the game at a later stage. Substitutions can take place during an interval, in event of injury or illness, or in the event of a stoppage for any other reason.
    13/U, 15/U & 17/U Only 3 substitutions are permitted per game. The substitution of players is allowed only after each quarter or in case of injury or illness. Umpires and opposing teams must be notified of all substitutions.
    Injury/Blood ruleNo player is allowed to continue to play if bleeding or blood on their uniform. The player must either leave the court immediately or be taken to the side of the court and covering/bandaid applied to wound or, removal of blood stained clothing. A player may return to the position in which she was playing. Upon entering the court notification to the umpire is not necessary.
    Time off will not be allowed for injuries, however the rules pertaining to injuries will be applied in finals.
    Annual General Meeting Team RequirementAll teams are to have one (1) representatives at the AGM meeting otherwise premiership points will be lost. Date time and venue will be notified widely before the event.
    LadderA team will receive 4 points for each win, 2 points for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

    If a team has a bye then it records 1 win (hence 4 points) and 10 pts for with 0 pts against.

    For the teams playing another team in a different section, botht teams will be awarded the point (scratch match game), but umpiring votes count towards end of season B&F.
    BoysBoys are permitted to play till they are 19 years of age with some restrictions.

    11&U sections there can have up to 7 boys playing on the court for a team.

    13&U and 15&U only 3 boys can take the court for a team and they must be in different thirds of the court. Eg. 1 in goal third, 1 in defence and 1 in the centre third.

    17&U and 19&U only 1 boy can take the court for a team.
    UniformAfter the 3rd week of the season, all teams are expected to be in full uniform, otherwise a fine of 50cents for each player out of uniform will be imposed.
    The official uniform of the association is:-
    Tee shirts with or without sleeves, netball skirt with matahcing underwear or body suit in team colours are permitted. NO GLOVES, STUDS, OR DANGEROUS HAIR DECORATIONS WILL BE PERMITTED and all fingernails must be kept short but if they are too long they must be correctly taped with ELASTOPLAST. No band-aids or white tape will be allowed. All teams must provide their own elastoplast.
    Tracksuit pants may be worn but not in finals.

    13 and Under players are permitted to play 2 games only with one 15 and Under team as an emergency.
    11 and Under players are permitted to play 2 games only with one 13 and Under team as an emergency.

    If any teams require players to make a game (do not have 5 players) and players from the SAME section are asked to play and do so, it is FUN and considered a scratch match.
    Both teams pay the game fee, and the team who had sufficient players & agreed to the scratch match score 4 points and 10 goals (rule pertaining to a walkover).

    If the team who has sufficient players decide not to play a scratch match will be awarded 4 points & other team MUST pay a walkover fee of $90.
    Eligibility for finalsEach player must play at least 3 games before they can play in the finals. They must have played one of these games before the last 4 games.
    Rules of Netball: Rules Summary: Court Diagram Rules of Netball 2018 Edition


    Each position has a main role to play:
    GS - To score goals and to work in and around the circle with the GA
    GA - To feed and work with GS and to score goals
    WA - To feed the circle players giving them shooting opportunities
    C - To take the Centre Pass and to link the defence and the attack
    WD - To look for interceptions and to prevent the WA from feeding the circle
    GD - To win the ball and reduce the effectiveness of the GA
    GK - To work with the GD and to prevent the GS from scoring goals


    Offside: Player moving out of own area, with or without ball (on a line counts as within either area)

    Over a Third: Ball may not be thrown over two transverse lines without being touched

    Out of Court: Ball is out of court when it contacts anything outside the court area (not the goalpost). The ball is returned into play by a Throw-In taken from a point outside the line where the ball left the court. The player stands with foot close to the line, and the ball must be thrown onto the court within three seconds.