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SportsplanHas many netball drills... using animation.
Netball Resources Drills collectionThis collection has been put together to go some way in satisfying the many requests we constantly receive from players and coaches for new drills, exercises and the like to use in their own training sessions. All the material here has been contributed by visitors to the site, for which many thanks are due. In order to make this site more useful, if you use a drill or exercise of your own which does not appear here, please think of contributing it to the collection to help others. It is particularly helpful if you can follow our guidelines for contributing material, although anything is always gratefully accepted!
NETBALL TRAINING DRILLSThis set of drills is designed to help any coach working within a single clubs with perhaps 2 teams. It is designed just to cover the basics thus some or all of the drills will be known to most coaches. I would like to express my thanks to coaches in Sussex who have contributed to these drills. Also the girls from Imperial College who have allowed me to use them as guinea pigs to test the drills.
Netball Coaching ToolkitSkills and Drills